Will I Go Crazy?

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The Review


Just What Does "Crazy" Mean, Anyway?

Mental Illness Is Not:

acting "funny"
demonic possession
living an evil or trauma-filled life
having a "weak" mind that can't cope

Mental Illness Is:

a medical problem that starts at conception
an inherited vulnerability to life stressors
a low stress tolerance level that you're born with
and a chemical imbalance in the nervous system


Donít force behavior!
Change attitudes.



The Last-Resort
Weight-Loss Plan
(You can lose weight
on psychotropic drugs.)


Short Stories
and Essays
related to mental illness


For Literature Lovers: 

The Any Dream Will Do

Short Stories and Humor from the deepest recesses of consumers' minds

The flower that blooms in adversity 
is the most 
rare and beautiful 
of all.


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