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New Corporation, Same Magazine

        Because its president, Dr. Bradt, was forced to move to New York State, Any Dream Will Do, Inc., is now defunct. The Any Dream Will Do Review will hibernate for a while but, eventually, it will publish Issue #8.

1. Within six months (an estimate, not a promise), Dr. Bradt hopes to form a new (New York) corporation, Creative and Literary Anti-Stigma Strategies (CLASS), whose main purpose will be to encourage literary contributions in the field of mental health and illness.

2. CLASS will be a membership corporation.

·        By July 1, 2014 (but no promises), new members will be accepted upon making a small financial contribution to the corporation in return for a five-year membership.

By January 1, 2015 (still no promises), members' literary contributions will be accepted for review.

Sample copies of Issues #2,3,4,5,6, and 7 of the Any Dream Will Do Review are available now, and will remain available. They can be ordered here.

3. Members' financial contributions, for membership and for copies of the magazine, will enable CLASS to print Issue #8 of the Any Dream Will Do Review. If all goes well, this should happen by January 1, 2016.  

Question: These deadlines are far in the future. What's holding you up, Dr. Bradt?  

Answer: WeNeedOfficers


The Any Dream Will Do Review

Short Stories and Humor
From the Deepest Recesses Of Our Minds

 A hardcopy magazine written from the mentally ill perspective.

These consumer/writers from around the world have written about 
what they have been through. This is emotionally charged fiction...

No holds barred

Any Dream Will Do

  • Published by Any Dream Will Do, Inc., a not-for-profit educational corporation

  • All donations are tax-deductible

  • Outrageously revealing, high-level literature

  • Professionally and impeccably printed by Minuteman Printing

  • 52 pages, 5 & 1/2" by 8 & 1/2", 20 lb. bond 

  • Glossy 12-pt. Carolina cover


"Combining the arts and mental health is practical, creative — and a great public service." — U.S. Senator Paul Simon (deceased and greatly missed) after reading the Any Dream Will Do Review.  

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Submission Guidelines 
We are not accepting submissions or publishing 
new issues at this time.

6 (Volume III, No. 2)

P. 2 Please, Not the Spiders, Michael Chanter

P. 5 Sara, Strong, Daniel Lazarus Gray

P. 14 Which Way Is Out? Clare Hill

P. 16 Andrew Carnegie's Stress Test
        Ruth Innes

P. 23 A Skull to Remember, Bob Johnston

P. 28 The Family Room, Steve Land

P. 40 A Dog Day at Psychodrama, Peter Olsson

P. 44 Time Stolen, Rebecca Lloyd

 Issue 7 (Volume IV, No. 1)

P. 2   Party Crazy, Annie Abbondante

P. 7   Debbie Came By Today, Ginger H. Caudill

P. 9   Madness Was a Woman Born, D'Arcy Pryciak

P. 15 The Invisible Strand, Lori Stafford

P. 34 Forged in Fire, Lisa Joyce Cohn

P. 41 Crazy, Margaret Karmazin

P. 47 Big Jake, Timothy J. Warrick  Click here to read it.


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