The Any Dream Will Do Review

Short Stories and Humor
From the Deepest Recesses Of Our Minds

 A hardcopy magazine 
written from the mentally ill perspective

 Dr. Jean M. Bradt, Publisher and Chief Editor 

Magazine Submission Guidelines

The Any Dream Will Do Review is a 50- to 60-page literary magazine published by Any Dream Will Do, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, every year or two. We are currently accepting submissions for upcoming issues. 

If your story doesn't touch on the topic of mental illness or the problems, challenges, and joys of people living with mental illness, it will be rejected.

Click here to order a writers' sample issue (still available although the magazine is no longer printed). Click here to read "How To Write Fiction in the Raw".

We accept only:

1. essays that are truly funny (not black humor) or
2. short stories, funny or not.

If you write an essay, it must be funny. If you write something serious, it must be a story with an enticing beginning, an action-packed plot, and a satisfying resolution. And, please do not send us poetry, true-life stories, testimonials, porn, or black humor.

Dr. Jean M. Bradt, publisher and chief editor of the Any Dream Will Do Review, has created a new story genre, Fiction in the Raw, and she seeks new or accomplished authors who wish to try writing this genre. Fiction in the Raw is fiction that contains raw emotions (not raw sex, which will be rejected). Writers of Fiction in the Raw are unique in that they are not afraid to honestly expose their own deepest emotions. Can you meet this challenge?  

Writers, please:

We prefer that you write from your own inner experiences but, if you are writing about someone else who is living with mental illness, do not laugh at them. Please, write with compassion for every living creature!

What most clearly distinguishes Fiction in the Raw from other genres is its endings. While the purpose of a contemporary-style ending, for example, is to challenge the reader to his or her intellectual limit, a Fiction in the Raw ending aims to collect the storyís deepest emotions and indelibly burn them into the reader's heart.

We publish accepted work free of charge, and each contributing author receives a complimentary copy of the magazine. 

Submit your work to Dr. Jean M. Bradt (the editor of the Any Dream Will Do Review) at the email address below,

in the body of an email (not as an attachment). No queries, please; submit the whole story.

You will not have a sense for what Fiction in the Raw is until you read some of it, and it is published only in the Any Dream Will Do Review. Therefore, you will need to read at least one issue of the Review before you start to write. To order a sample issue, click here. If you are interested in writing a very short story (sudden fiction), I recommend that you order Issue #3, which contains several sudden-fiction Fiction in the Raw stories. If you will be writing a normal-length short story, you will want to order Issue #2.

Click here to read "How To Write Fiction in the Raw". 

All stories must somehow touch on the topic of mental illness or the problems, challenges, and joys of people living with mental illness.  

Got feedback? Email Dr. Bradt at

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